Thursday, October 13, 2016

24 is the new 18

Hey guys, it's been a while. 

I can't really go through everythig that happened to explained why i wasn't there in the last couple of months. Lets just say karma wasn't on my side and I had a couple problem to deal with. But i'm finally starting to see the lighter side of the ocean. You know when your drowning and you dont know if you're swimming towards certain death or towards the surface. Well I think i'm finally seing the surface now and i'm swimming as fast as I can to reach it. 

Well enough of that, let's talk about the real reason why i'm writing today. It's my birthdaY! Well, it was, yesterday to be fair. And you know what i'm 24 I don't know what i'm doing with my life and... IT'S OK! I see all these people online with kids and houses, being married and happy at 22-23-24... and i'm here playing video games trying to work as much as I can to make some money and it's fine. I remember when i was 16 I thought I would have my career by now, that I would have a boyfriend and would be thinking about kids and getting married. And ohhhhh god was I wrong. I'm still so young and so naïve. I don't know how to adult yet, seriously why is it so hard to be an adult i wanna go out and have fun. Right now i decided it was time for me to stop chasing after boys, stop stalking tinder or whatever. I don't need anyone to make me happy, i need my friend and thats it. This year is the year where I take care of myself. I started dancing again which is awesome it makes me so happy after 5 years of doing jackshit i'm finally moving again. I purchased new strings for my guitar so I can make music again which is another passion I had give up on with an ex. Also i'm starting some groupe therapy for my borderline desorder i'm finally gonna work on that part of me too. And most of all I don't care about what others think of me anymore. I don't want kids for now, I don't want a boyfriend for now, i don't need this. I'm 24 and I live my 18th years again. I wanna be free, i wanna have fun and mostly I wanna be myself. 

Moral of the story : don't ever let anyone tell you you're too old to be yourself and you should start thinking about getting married and finding someone or something. Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your life. If you dont want kids thats fine, if you wanna live forever young thats also fine... just do you boos!

I love you all so much and i'll see you soon 


I even got the time to draw a mini collection just before my relapse, hope you guys like it 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being a mermaid

Even if I live in a bipolar climate and I don’t have any real beach near. And most of the time i miss the ocean, I’m born in the wrong place of the globe guys. When I say bipolare weather i’m not even slightly exagerating things. For exemple last week it we were feeling 42 celcius, and this week it’s like 10c. In the winter we live between -20 and -30 celcius. So you as you may have already guessed, i’m a summer girl. I hate winter, I hate snow, i hate the cold. I know deep down in my heart i’m a mermaid. I love water, i love the sea, I’ve talked a lot about it with some friends and family and when i’ll die I want my ashes to be thrown in the ocean. I remember a quote from one of my favorite movie, when Frosty (gerard butler) said :« We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again, until the day we don’t come back, leaving only that which was touched along the way.»

Only a couple of days before I leave for wildwood. I love this place and since i’m going with my sister and mother I know it will be fun. So when you go to the beach you need to bring some essential with you. And I’m talking about an entire daya t the beach not only a walk on the beach because you live there. This is for those of us that goes to the beach once or twice a year and try to make the most of it when we go. 

1. Bring a large tote to hold everything you will bring because, let’s be real, you will need a LOT of stuff and will probably need more than 1 bag.

 cute anchor tote   50$                                cute blue tote 15$

DEI Women's Tropical Beach Tote Handbag

2. Bring a Hat, yeah it’s a fashion statement but more than that, it will protect your scalp

Female Summer Sunshade Large Wide Floppy Brim Straw Beach Hats

You can get this hat in any possible color right here

3. Sunglasses, we all know how beautiful the beach is , and watching the waves crash in the horizon, but its even more beautiful when you’re not squinting your eyes. Protect your eyes from the UVrays and you can find some super cute sunglasses under 20$

here are some really cute treasur i've found :

get them here

Image 1 of 7X Cat Eye Sunglasses
get them here 

4. Phone equipment, it can be a extra battery, a selfie stick or a water resistant pouch. Bring anything you need to keep your phone safe and usefull.

5. Books and magazine : Yes beach is fun and playfull but sometimes we just want to relax to the sound of the tides and read a good book. Right now i’m ready 4 things at the same time depending on my mood  

The first book is called : A brief history of time from stephen Hawkins. I’ve been wanting to read his book for a while now and can’t wait to finish it on the beach. What best way to read about physic than on the beach  right?


 The second one is called a series called L’orphéon the one i’m readng at the moment is called Coït. This serieus is awesome because all 5 books are written by different auters and the story takes place in a building, each book is a different floor of the building. Sadly it’s only available in French because they are all auters from Quebec. 


The Third one is called What If:Serious scientific answer to hypothetical question. This book is awesome so if you ever wonders what would happened if you pitch a baseball at 90% of lightspeed what would happen well the answer is in this book. 


Lastly we have Sailor Moon. I loved this anime when i was a kid and now i’m falling back in love with the manga.

6. Sunscreen and lipbalm with SPF :  well the word speeks wor itself.  You will need sunscrean protect your skin guys .

7. Leave in conditioner : your hair will be dry so at least protect them a bit before. 

8. Beach spikes : amazing idea to keep your drink sandfree.

Monogramme plage Spike/monogramme boisson titulaire/plage attaquant/plage pointe boisson titulaire/monogramme boisson titulaire/monogramme plage attaquant
get them here 

9. Towels and beach blanket : you can lay on the sand and take a sun bath but at least do it on a big towel so you dont have all the sand stuck in your swimwear. You can find tons of cute and fun blacket on the web. 

get it here 
 or here

10. Water reusable bottle. Please for environmental sakes dont  buy bottled water, bring a ureusable plastic one or aluminum one and refill it. You can have some really cute ones and you can chose some that you can also put fruits in to make your water tastier.

11. Beach chair, it's for your confort, so your BumBum isn't full of sand.

12. Beach Umbrella : when its getting to hot and the sun is too strong and you want a little shade, or if you want to keep your drink and snaks cold.

13. Snacks : chips, sandwiches, cookies, nuts, vegetable, fruits, granola bars.

14. Cooler : to keep your food and drinks chill.

15. Beach toys and games : base ball, football, way

here are some cute coverups i drew not so long ago.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post about beach essentials and travel safe , we'll see each other in the next article. Thank you so much for following me and i'll see ya'll later byebye xoxox

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gaming Grill *no typo*

Being a girl in the gaming community
Well it’s true that most girls play games, almost 52% of the gamer community are girls but thats if we define gaming by someone who plays any kind of video games. 

To be honest, and please don’t throw rocks at me for saying this, I dont consider playing flappy bird or candy crush as Gaming. I know some of us play casual games like Kim Kardashian : hollywood, and yes i love it. But i would never consider myself a hardcore gamer if that was the only game I played. Yes those are still games, but I don’t consider gamer anyone that only plays cellphone social games.

For as long as I can remember I have been playing video games with my sister, she's 3 years younger than me, and I remember playing on my dads old playstation 1 with jailbroken CD with games like TEKKEN or Tomb Raider. I wanted to be her, i was going full tomb raider on the play ground as a kid, or I would play with fake guns at my friends house. I would try to recreate Chung li's move IRL. Thats when i knew games would make a huge impact on my life.

Later we had our own games like DDR, burnout, GTA, NHL and more. We were under fifhteen but we were hardcore gamers even if most girls were playing with makeup and talking about boys. My sister was playing sports and was gaming gaming, myself well, I was drawing clothes and gaming. Our parents were kind of bored seeing us play for hours, never leaving our eyes off the screen, playing guitar heros thinking we were rocktars even though we had our real guitars standing in the corner of the room. But we wanted to beat that song, we wanted to pass that level. And thats when one of us was not already on the computer playing The Sims. We knew all the cheat codes, we downloaded all the clothes and objects we could just to create the most awesome house. We had our own way of killing our sims, yeah don’t try to hide , we all become sociopath when we play The Sims. And when i didn't want to cheat for money but still wanted to be rich well i used the good old technique, I'm probably not the only one who had a cave troll painting all day and all night. Just so my sims could sell because we wanted to be rich. We all have our ways. We also all know how hard it is to keep more than five sims alive without cheating.

Our parents thought that travelling would distance us from technology. But oh god were they wrong! We had our PSPs, our gameboys advance and I wonder which other i forget about but I know we had more. I was playing Playing metroid and Holy Molly  was I surprised to see Samus was actually a Girl.

At 17 i bought my first xbox, one of my friend sold it to me for a hundred bucks and I bought my first shooter. Call of duty Blackops 1, I didn’t have xbox live yet but i played the hell out of that campain. Not so long after that MW3 got released. Don't worry about that I was standing by the store an hour before the opening just to get my hand on a copy of it. That’s when I started playing live, and that’s when I understood the meaning of the memes about pausing online game. How many time was I caught saying «I CAN’T PRESS PAUSE MOM». I could play cod for 10 hours straight, if only i wasn’t raging that much, my roomate could hear me scream « f**king campers »,«Oh yeah right use that nuub tube» and the forever young « stupid f**king shotguns».  Some of my class mate knew i was gaming, and one of them showed me world of warcraft, i started playing on a private server and I even forgot to go to school, or eat during 2 days. I was so into it I couldn’t leave my chair. I’ve been playing these games  for a couple years then I started playing league of legend a year or so after the BETA was released. That game is everything to me now. I still play WoW, and COD but league is Bae. Istarted streaming about 3 years ago because some of my guy friend thought i was funny, good and pretty and they said i would make good money out of it, I stoped some months after because i was tired of being compared to Kaceytron of any other twitch girls that are fake. Now i’ve been playing for myself only I don’t really like streaming anymore because there’s just too much girl and its more of a competition between who’s the prettiest/ funniest and/or dumbest so we can laugh at her, and i’m not part of that crowd. I’ve had people saying I wasn’t smiling enough or that I wasn’t reading the chat enough… but it’s hard to be compared to the guys that are actually good gamers when tons of girl fake being good. So you either have to be a guy, or a pretty girl to be famous on twitch and that disgusted me. I prefere being a smart girl about it put my feminist pants on and play for fun and not for famousness. Outside of the stream world we have the cosplay world , where for one day I can actually transform into my favorite character and really be the hero. But cosplaying would be for another post if you want me to. 

The first thing I hate about being a girl in the gaming community are the guys that treat you differently because of your sex. Some will treat you good just because you’re a girl others will treat you like sh**t because you steal what’s theirs and still think that gaming is for boys and girl should stay in the kitchen.  Some will harras you, ask for picture of your breasts, ask if you have a boyfriend or just not believe you. The best kind of people are the ones that don’t care what sex you are, they will treat the same either way. You’re just one of the boys to them. Most of the time I refuse to say if i’m a girl or a guy online they mostly notice only when i’m on skype and sometimes they just think i’m a 12 year old boy.

Second thing I hate is the other gamer girls, its a competition all the time, in games or in real life, who’s the best, who’s the prettiest, who’s the coolest, who’s the realest. Even though we mostly have each others back, some doesn’t accept the fact that they are not better than most boys, and need to be boosted to feel better or feel cooler and I can’t stand it. It’s kind of a running gag in the community that all good girls are boosted but it will depend on the game. Its hard to be boosted in WoW since nobody care what Iten lvl you are. But in league ranks decide if you are cool or not for some people. And some girls even go to the point of selling their body for a boost and it makes me sick. At least some of us are real and play because this game is amazing as hell, and my girls know who they are. #girlscrew

Third thing I hate is facing the stereotype, just because people know you are a gamer they suddenly change the way they see you. Some will say «you don’t look like a gamer» or «I would have never thought you would play game». Seriously? why? What am I suppose to look like to be a gamer to you? Because you think i’m attractive I don’t look like a gamer? Who decides that?  And the one that don’t even think that the game is for you when you go shopping. I can’t even count the number of time i’ve been ask if I was buying it for my boyfriend or brother. Some stereotypes are less harmfull for exemple people who think you play healers in warcraft because you are a girl. Oh honey, you think i can’t be violent enough to make damage 1v1 me bruh! Some thinks you main support in League,… well I do, but not all female does so my sex have nothing to do with my position preferences.

Last but not least, sexism, of course i’m not a strong feminist at heart lets even call it a feminazi that cry over a girl in sexy clothes fighting in Mortal Kombat. To be fair, I wish I could be as sexy and strong as those girls, but I do think there are not enough female role model in the industry. And I can’t wait for a world where boys and girls will be treated equally.

Passions doesn’t have genders and it should stay that way. 

Thanks again for the love and support guys Keep calm an play games it's amazing. 


Sunday, July 3, 2016


How long before you forget someone you loved, 
It’s been six months already, I can’t even sleep straight I wake up every few hours of the night crying or thinking about him. I wake up in my own tears because I’ve dreamt of him. He left me without letting me know why... I tried asking him but his answers are always so unclear. He decided one day I was just not good enough for him to love me.... the day after asking me to come live in his apartment, 2 days before Christmas. If only the reason was that he didn’t want to buy me any present I would be already over it ... but he had just given it to me the day before. He bought me a beautiful pair of earrings, I loved them so much but he had to dump me right after, before I even had the chance to wear them. Of course I didn’t keep them I couldn’t, it was so hard to see such a beautiful thing coming from such an awful person. He told me we had nothing in common which I never understood because as soon as I ask him to give me any example he doesn’t know what to say and end up with saying he doesn’t need to explain himself to me. He also said he didn’t want someone like me as the mother of his child. But he knew before getting with me that I didn’t want any child. He knew I was sick, he knew I was depressed, he knew I had a borderline personality, he already knew me. I decided to change, at least the little things i could. If my sleep schedule and my eating habits were his only reason for not loving me I could easily change them.I have the same work schedule now, I’m vegan and I eat better than I ever did, I take care of everyone around me and I’m still not good enough ? 

Just heard, about 3 days ago that he has a new girlfriend, a girl 5 years younger than me, so much for a guy who wanted to be alone until he finds the girl he wants as the mother of his child. She lives 3 hours away from him, she has flirted with his friends before dating him and she’s asks him and other guy to boost her in a video game so she can be more popular on her stream which is beyond me, since when faking being good at a video game became sexy. Of course you can brag to people about your Rank but as soon as you will actually play you’re gonna get sh*t on! I already have hatred for Boosted girls in video games, but now it’s worse than anything. I can’t even deal with all this bullshit right now, just thinking about it makes me anxious. Blood is rushing through my vein so fast, pressure is consuming me and I don’t know any way to release it, I wish I could just cut it to relieve the pain, just a cut wouldn’t hurt anyone would it? I’m already depressed enough but thinking about it makes me sick, just thinking about them being in the same room, giggling, laughing, cuddling, and telling each other I love you it makes me ill. I want to forget so bad I would rather hit my head on my concrete wall all night then spend another day knowing they are together.

I wish I was better, I wish I was good enough. How many times my friends have told me, you can’t force him to love you, he is not the one for you, you will find better... But what if I don’t want to find better i want him. I wish I was stronger, I wish I could just move on, and not think about it, when my friends tells me he is my ex and that I should get over it, I wish I could tell them that they are right, that i would grow up and stop letting a guy control my feelings.. but I can’t... 

There’s always the butterflies in my stomach every time I think about them it’s making me dizzy, making me sick I don’t even know how it’s possible to love someone that much without him loving you back. I don’t even want to fall in love again if it’s for me to end up this way again. He told me he stopped having feelings for me about a month before the breakup.. but he continue telling me he loved me, How am I suppose to trust anyone who tells me I Love You, when the only one that matters to me lied for weeks about his feelings. Now I’m so lost I have this anger inside, I want to kill that girl who dates him, she is not worthy of him, I want to kill him... even if deep down I’m the only one I want to see dead just because I’m not good enough for him and I won’t ever be. I’ve tried talking to people about it, I take my anti-depressant, I don’t drink, I tried sleeping and working, getting my mind on anything else, but I can’t. Just thinking about how he told me we had nothing in common makes me wonder... did I really know him that much because in my memory we had everything in common. We never fought, we never argued we were can I get over something like this. It seems so easy when people tell me that only time can heal me, and I should stop stalking them. But it’s so f**king hard to actually do. I know I need help, I know I need professional help, but what can they really do for me... help me get over it, maybe. But they are not going to make me more lovable, they are not going to make me prettier, smarted, nicer, or even better at any video games I love. They are not going to make him love me, nobody will.

How can I stop having so much rage inside, how can I stop having so much anxiety. I say the meanest things to them just because I can’t control my anger and I can’t if I don’t tell them my feeling my head will explode and all this violence will turn against me. Deep down I wish he could watch her die and watch her life leave her body as she leave to go rot in hell. I want him to feel half the pain I feel just to understand why I’m so depressed lately. I want to relieve the pain, my breath is shorter. I don’t even see straight, I walk like a zombie, seriously people might mistake me from an actor from the Walking Dead but what they don’t know is that I’m already dead inside.

Sometimes it feels like I’m in some sort of bubble or there is some sort of invisible screen keeping me away from reality. I see these happy couple holding hands, the children smiling not knowing how hard life actually gets; I also watch all the suffering in the world that I use to care so much for. I use to give so much to charity and I always have been such a militant for what i think is right. I wish i could help like I used to... but inside it’s just a big whole mess in my head and for now I can’t even think about a way to help others since I can’t even help myself.  How long does it take for a heart to heal, is it so normal that I feel like my heart is literally broken. Like there is this constant pain in my heart like someone is just squeezing in, compressing it, and smashing it on the ground. I’m pretty sure my ex just hides my heart somewhere in a jar that is somehow connected to my brain and whenever I think of him he just squeeze it as hard as he can to make me feel like dying. I’m dizzy, I’m torn apart, I’m sick, I’m tired, and I know he will never know how broken I am, because he doesn’t freaking gives a f*ck how broken I am. He loves someone else, someone probably better than me, and even though I have absolutely no reason to be, I’m just so jealous of her for being what he likes...I don’t think she’s attractive I still think all the mean things I’ve told about her, but I still wish I was her just so he could love me. I just wish he could love me again, if he ever did. 

it's not the usual post I know, nothing fashionable about breakup but I needed to get this out of my head, and writing is my medecine and If someone out there who reads that knows the key to forget 1 year of lie pls tell me. Thank to all my readers for dealing with mea tthe moment. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty without the beast

Even tho it’s hard to have a 100% vegan or cruelty free beauty product because even if the product itself is not tested on animals some ingrediants might have been. But eh, at least we are trying right ? veganism is about restraining as much as possible!

As a makeup fanatic I know it can be hard to find everything you want in makeup so here’s a list  of my favourite vegan or cruelty free brand.  I am so happy that more and more brand are trying to opt for a more moral way of testing their product, and most of them are trying to go vegan and I think it’s beautiful to see such improvements. I might have been a vegan for only a couple months, but i’ve been avoiding any animal product in fashion or in makeup for years. Of course I still use makeup that is not vegan, or not cruelty free but i’m not buying any new products.

Some of you might wonder why some big brand still test on animal and one of the biggest reason is simple, China. It is mandatory for any brand of makeup to test on animal to be able to sell their products in China. Since they have a huge market some company prefere money over moral and prefer selling their product in bigger country istead of changing for a cruelty free alternative. At least some companies like Lush refuses to sell to China until they change their Law.

Of course not all faith in humanity is lost, the 28 countries of the European Union have banned animal testing, in 2009. Four years later, in march 2013, the EU also banned the sale of cosmetic products or ingrediant subject to new animal testing. Even though this doesn’t affect every animal testing that are done outside the territory most of the products are cruelty free. Some bigger company use their head office to test new ingrediants on animal and then use those products in a cruelty free franchise. But at least we’re progressing, what a relief!
Here’s a list  of some  brand that doesnt test on animal : 

Mid & High-end products :

- Hourglass
- Too Faced
- Urban Decay
- Tarte
- Nars
- Illamasqua
- TheBalm
- Bareminerals
- Buxom
- Face Atelier
- Cover FX
- Kat Von D
- Anastasia
- Josie Maran
- Duwop
- Bling
- Cargo
- IT Cosmetics
- Edward Bess
- Korres
- Chantecaille
- Ellis Faas
- Rouge Bunny Rouge

Drugstore Brands:

- E.L.F.

- Hard Candy
- Milani
- Physicians Formula
- Sonia Kashuk
- Wet’N’Wild
- Jordana
- Flower
- Jane
- Prestige
- Pacifica
- Mineral Fusion
- Gosh
- Barry M
- Marcelle
- Annabelle

Other & independent brands:

- Sugarpill
- Red apple lipstick
- Aromi
- BH cosmetics
- Bellapierre
- Lime crime ( even if I don’t support this brand at all )
- Makeup Geek
- Colour pop
- Jeffrey Star
- Dose of Colors
- Ofra cosmetics
- Zoeva

To make sure your products are safe, look for the cute little bunny on the packaging, this will ensure that they are cruelty free.

Thank you again so so much for following my journey and I'll see you in my next post


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Being a new Vegan

I never thought this day would come.

Seriously I was once vegan for a month and I became so sick I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't even stay awake or stand up straight. My best Friend is a vegan and she is a strong activist I couldn't let her down. I was asking her for help often, asking her for new recipes or tricks to make it easier. I decided to cut as much as i could my meat and dairy intake. I was getting educated, I was watching video on a daily basis to help me understand more about the vegan community and why it's good for me and important for the planet. So even after hours and hours or research, all I could find was still not enough. Mostly because I was scared, scared of the community, I was scared of becoming one of those vegan that everybody hates, one of those I despised whatsoever because they take everything for granted just because they read one article about meat and cancer on the internet. Or they think that the China Study is a real study and it is relevent when it was a complete scam. I was scared of being blinded by the youtubers I look up too and forget about the scientific facts. I was sure of never being one of them, well at least that was until 3 weeks ago. 

I was eating my chicken and noodle soup because I was feeling kind of sick and as soon as that little piece of chicken entered my mouth i couldn't get those tortured animals out of my head. I was having flash backs of all the videos I saw in the past year and I almost threw up everything, at this point I was done. I took all the chicken pieces out of my soup and gave them all to my cat. (Don't worry guys i'm not that kind of vegan that will push my belief on a carnivorous animal, i know cats need meat and I will continue feeding them meat i want my cat to be as healthy as possible and I don't want to denaturalize him.) I haven't touch meat since then and I'm still trying my hardest to havoid dairy and eggs. Well it's kind of easy being on a High Carb diet since I love potatoes, rice and pastas so I'm not having that much of a hard time. I think the hardest thing in my diet at the moment is that I'm always eating. I mean, ALWAYS, I never ate that much in my life but I feel great.

I promised myself I will not judge people who are not vegan because the main reason why most of them are not is only a lack of education. Most people love animals but they don't really know what is happening in slaughterhouses and like Sir Paul Mccartney once said: If slaughterhouse had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian. So the best we can do as vegan is educate. And stop making meat eaters feel bad about their choice because sometimes they just don't know any better.

Being vegan is easier than I thought and I couldn't live with myself giving all the love that I give to my pet while all the others animal are being tortured. I'm still on the fence about the research on meat and cancers/ hearth desease, I think it's too soon to know if there is a real link. Since veganism is mostly new, not enough research have been done and there is not a big enough pool of people to make a valuable research on this YET. But the main reason why I went vegan anyway is not for my health. Its mostly environmental and ethical reason that brought me where I am today.

For what it's worth even though I'm trying as much as I can to avoid any cosmetic tested on animals, I know most of the medical research done on animal are MENDATORY and if not this could have lots of repercutions on us. Most of animal testing are done on small critters and animal that have a short life spawn and that procreate really fast. Also some of the bigger animal live in a mostly natural environment. I don't think it's necessary in cosmetics or in fashion, but I think its important in biomedical studies and it's easy to get informed on why it's important for medical purpose. In the California Medical Biomedical Research Association Fact Sheet it is stated that animals necessary in biomedical research because :

''animals make good research subjects for a variety of reasons.  Animals are biologically similar to humans.  In fact, chimpanzees share more that 99% of DNA with humans and mice share more than 98% DNA with humans, therefore, animals are susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans. Animals have a shorter life cycle than humans and as a result, they can be studied throughout their whole life span or across several generations. In addition, scientists can easily control the environment around animals (diet, temperature, lighting), which would be difficult to do with humans.

Why can’t alternative methods replace animals in research?
Whenever possible, researchers do use non animal models for research. Computer models, tissue and cell cultures, and a number of other nonanimal related research methods are used today in biomedical research. Computer models are used to screen and determine the toxic level of a substance in the beginning of an experiment and tissue and cell cultures have become valuable additions to the array of research tools and techniques. However, animal testing remains a neccesity.  For example, blindness cannot be studied in bacteria and it is not possible to study the affects of high blood pressure in tissue cultures.The living system is extremely complex.  The nervous system, blood and brain chemistry, gland and organ secretions, and immunological responses are all interrelated, making it impossible to explore, explain, or predict the course of diseases or the effects of possible treatments without observing and testing the entire living system of an animal. In the meantime, scientists continue to look for ways to reduce the number of animals needed to obtain valid results, refine experimental techniques, and replace animals with other research methods whenever feasible''

But many things can change nowadays and I really hope one day technology is advanced enough so we don't have to use animal for testing today's medecine. But for now we have to deal with it and wait for them to find a better way.

What does any of this have to do on a blog about fashion and design you'll ask? 

Well, we all know how much animal cruelty can be part of fashion, fur and leather have been a sign of wealthiness and luxury for decades and I really wish I can be one of the designer that will change that. Some high ends designers are using fake furr and faux leather which is a nice step toward a cruelty free fashion world. We also can find vegan fashion brand like Stella McCartney, Vaute Couture, Miakoda and more. I wish I could be one of them one day and I could have my own vegan friendly fashion line.

I'm still on the fence about wool industry though, because we know that shearing sheep is necessary to their well being. Mostly because if a breed of sheep can't shed and the sheep goes too long without being shorn many problem can occur. Their body temperature will rise above normal, urine and feces will be trapped in the wool and cause infection and sheep with a too large amount of wool can be immobilized by physical obstacle therefore being an easier target for predator. Even though i'm not ok with the way wool farm works, I know that in the most part it is mendatory for a sheep to be shorn. Even though I don't want to use wool in my collection for now and I want to be 100% vegan but I will not be mad at someone for using wool in their clothes.

Are you guys vegan? are you debating about becoming vegan? Do you guys wish there were more vegan option in today's fashion? Let me know what are your thoughts on this post.

Thank you again for reading, and i will keep you posted on my journey as a new vegan, I love you guys so so much and i'll see you in the next post my beautiful unicorns Babyee 


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Glamping and Bonfire nights

We all need a little time to ourselves, whether we want to spend it with friend or alone depends only on us. Summer is comming and we all need a break from technology from time to time. with access to Facebook, instagram, snapchat, tumblr, twitter in only a clic it's easy to forget what the real world is. We all need to disconnect from reality at some point (pun intended). We don't always have the money to leave on a expensive trip but there are some ideas that aren't expensiv at all and that you can find in your house to have a wonderful day, or even a complete weekend, away from a stressing environment.

first What is Glamping , well it's easy, it's a more glamorous way of camping. So you keep the benefits from nature and but you still have the confort. For Bonfires, well, we've all been to one or done one, its when you do a big fire outside with friend so you can celebrate, relax, cook marshmallow and sing along around a guitar. Come on, we all know that guy that is gonna play wonderwall at least once during the night).

But why would you even want to do that? First,to disconnect from technology and relax, be with friends or alone and connect with the world. We want to feel the warmt of a fire, dance all night, laught and sing, forget all our troubles and be one with the night. When someone light up a fire and somewhere in the night you launch fireworks we all become kids again and we just feel so good.

Here are some tips and tricks for the best Glamping area/ bonfire party EVER.You wanna go buy some sparklers, it makes wonderful picture and its just so fun, also if you're not 18 you can't buy fireworks yet so this is a good alternativ. If you can you can also buy some firefworks it will make your night magical.You also might be hungry at some point so don't forget to bring some treats.

If you are close to an energy source bring string lights, it makes an awesome ambiance and you'll feel like a princess dancing under the lighted trees. 

Next, build up a tent or a teepee, bring tonsssss of colorful drapes, tapestries, etc. Let your imagination blow from now on and build your little chilling corner. Put on a inflatable bed and some pillows and you are set for hours of reading and relaxing while enjoying the fresh hair.

Maybe you don't have money to leave your house well you can always set up those kind of tents in your backyard with a little imagination everything is possible. If your location allows you, you can do these kind of setup on a beach and listen to the waves crashing down. You can also go in the forest in fact anywhere you want ( maybe not a parking lot at walmart though let's stay realistic)

Don't forget to bring a radio and everything you need for a fire and you,re ready to go!

Enjoy your summer and be careful,

Thank you again so so much for reading me and i'll see you next time